Hiring: Senior electrical engineer 

We are looking for an Electrical Engineer having Bachelor's degree (B.S.) or Master's Degree (M.S.) from an accredited college or university. You will have responsibilities that focus on safety, sustainable devices and quality assurance. You will design, develop and maintain electrical systems and parts for consumer and business electronics. You want to work with an ambitious team, Join us today!

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Decos Technology Group is a software company founded in 1987 and located in the Netherlands, India and Canada. We build software for healthcare and life sciences customer and for the Dutch and Caribbean government. We believe that our employees need to have freedom to create and plan their own work. We give them the space to innovate and develop best solutions. We use an agile approach and cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship. Besides of that we believe in a better world and that begins today, so we actively work for a better environment. We have a complete paperless office and all of our employees drive electric vehicles.      


Electrical Engineer 

Required Skills:

  • Good experience with electrical hardware engineering, researching, and prototyping.
  • Strong foundation in electrical engineering principles including analog and digital circuit design, signal processing, microcontroller programming, and sensor interfacing.
  • Familiar with SBC and peripheral design, i.e. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, etc.
  • Familiar with common hardware buses for communication, i.e. I2C, I2S, SPI, etc.
  • Experience with writing firmware for prototype testing.
  • Proficiency in designing data acquisition systems to sample, digitize.
  • Knowledge of power management techniques to optimize power consumption, extend battery life.
  • Understanding of safety standards and regulations applicable to medical devices - IEC 60601 for electrical safety and IEC 62304 for software development.
  • Ability to implement real-time signal processing algorithms on embedded systems.
  • Familiarity with EEG sensor technologies.
  • Experience in prototyping hardware using breadboards, PCB layout software, soldering equipment, and testing tools such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

    Soft Skills:
  • Positive attitude towards learning/challenges/team/etc.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Experience of working with distributed agile teams in offshore/onsite model


  • Analyse and extract system requirements and generate System Requirements Specifications.
  • Deliver medical device design documentation compliant with FDA design controls and good documentation practices.
  • Support creation of Software / Firmware / Hardware Requirements Specifications including traceability to System Requirements.
  • Design electronic systems, products, software, and components for medical applications.
  • Create testing procedures and maintenance for electronic equipment and components.
  • Recommend design modifications and equipment repair.
  • Inspect electronic systems, instruments, equipment and software to ensure they meet applicable regulations and safety standards.
  • Support System Test Specifications and traceability to requirements.
  • Comply to process requirements and meet standards.
  • Understanding and implementing designs from technical drawings.
  • Perform electrical or electronic design maintenance due to component obsolescence or value engineering proposals to include testing and validation as required.
  • Conduct medical device safety testing and maintain product compliance with applicable UL, ISO, and IEC 60601 standards as well as international regulatory requirements.
  • Investigate and resolve corrective and preventative actions using appropriate problem-solving techniques (DMAIC, FMEA, Ishikawa, etc.).
  • Collaboration and coordination with the customer team on a day-to-day basis.



You receive the opportunity to work in an international environment in a fast-growing software company.

  • A lot of room for personal initiative
  • Plenty of opportunities for personal development
  • A pleasant informal and inspiring work atmosphere
  • Enthusiastic colleagues

Are you the colleague who challenges himself to achieve good results? Send your CV and motivation letter to Anita Swarup and tell us why you are a valuable addition to Decos. Our colleagues would like to welcome you to our building!

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